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Relics: Radio communications: Scanning frequencies

HF digital mode transmissions

Note: All transmissions are in the USB.

Category Filename
Crowd 36 Crowd_36.xls
CW CW.xls
HF-Fax HF-Fax.xls
Mil-Ale 188-141 Mil-Ale_188-141.xls
Olivia Olivia.xls
Sitor-A Sitor-A.xls
Sitor-B Sitor-B.xls
Space research Space_research.xls
Stanag 4285 Stanag_4285.xls
Stanag 4539 Stanag_4539.xls
Weather satellites (WXSat) Weather_satellites.xls
WXSat imagery re-broadcasts on HF WXSat_imagery_HF_re-broadcasts.xls
Unconfirmed HF transmissions.xls Unconfirmed_HF_transmissions.xls

HF voice transmissions

Note: All transmissions are in the USB.

Category Filename
Aviation band Aviation_band_(HF).xls
Marine band Marine_band_(HF).xls
SSB public radio broadcasts SSB_public_radio_broadcasts.xls

VHF voice transmissions

Category Filename
Amateur radio Amateur_radio_(VHF).xls
Aviation band Aviation_band_(VHF).xls
Bus services Bus_services.xls
Communal repeaters Communal_repeaters.xls
Construction & manufacturing Construction_manufacturing.xls
Cordless phones Cordless_phones.xls
Emergency services Emergency_services.xls
General/Misc General.xls
Hospitals Hospitals.xls
Leisure & recreation Leisure_recreation.xls
Marine band Marine_band_(VHF).xls
Motor sports Motor_sports.xls
Municipal services Municipal_services.xls
Paging services Paging_services.xls
Private ambulance services Private_ambulance_services.xls
Railways Railways.xls
Rescue services Rescue_services.xls
Scrapyards Scrapyards.xls
Security services Security_services.xls
Shopping centres Shopping_centres.xls
Taxi services Taxi_services.xls
Tow services Tow_services.xls
TV broadcasts TV_broadcasts.xls
Utilities Utilities.xls

Radio Amateur frequencies (HF to UHF)

Frequency (MHz) Band (m) Description
1240.000 - 1300.00 23 cm Work satellites, amateur television, repeaters and more
902.000 - 928.000 33 cm Least used band, plenty of room to grow
420.000 - 450.000 70 cm Here you'll find clubs and organizations using satellite, amateur television, FAX amd more
222.000 - 225.000   Popular Novice amateur band
144.000 - 148.000 2 Most popular repeater band world-wide
50.000 - 54.000 6 Ideal conditions during summer months
28.000 - 29.700 10 Ideal conditions during summer months
24.890 - 24.990 12 Ideal for daytime skywave
21.000 - 21.450 15 Ideal for skywave from sunup tp sundown
18.068 - 18.168 17 Skywave 24 hours around the clock
14.000 - 14.350 20 Packed with powerful signals, skywave 24 hours around the clock
10.100 - 10.150 30 Data and code signals run 24 hours a day
7.000 - 7.300 40 Ideal DX conditions in the evening
3.500 - 4.000 75/80 Evening listening
1.800 - 2.000 160 Get ready to stay up late in the evening

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